Good Health including Mental Health is the foundation.

Dr. Madhab on Mental Health and 3-wise-Monkey Syndrome of Singapore

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Myanmar Healthcare Conference, Welcome Address by Founder, Director & MD of MiTA: Dr. Madhab Paul, PhD

WIPO, IP, Business Entity & Entrepreneurship

The Conversation: Around 97% of attacks lead to successful capture by dragonfly — a statistic that even champion cricketers could only dream of.

3-wise-Monkey Syndrome

Dragonfly 👉 Business Entity, IP & Design Inspiration

Important & Insightful Symbol to inspire design and innovation, as well as spread the knowledge about protection of the Intellectual Property, Business Entity, Name, Damian, Geographical Indication, etc.

360-degree Vision

“Dragonflies have 360-degree vision, and that’s not all. Dragonflies can see faster than we do; they see around 200 images per second. No wonder a dragonfly can quickly snatch its prey and easily avoid capture.” —

Let’s try to watch out and catch like a dragonfly!

Catch to contain losses, to stop spreading propaganda, to avoid any pandemic in ethics — pandemic due to spreading 3wiseMonkey Syndrome of Singapore.

Mental Health & 3-wise-Monkey Syndrome

The 3wiseMonkey Syndrome can be categorized as a Mental Health Problem that demands urgent global attention. The 3wiseMonkey Syndrome looks novel and benign, as well as, the 3wiseMonkey Syndrome is highly contagious.

Hence 3wiseMonkey Syndrome can potentially cause a Pandemic in Ethics.

Good Health including Mental Health is the foundation of complete well-being of a person and global community.

👀 3wiseMonkey Syndrome — Mental Health Alert, but why?


Pandemic in Ethics Can Jeopardize Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

And that can be the End of the World!!

3wiseMonkey Syndrome of Singapore spreading worldwide.

  • Won’t provide contacts to receive Complaints.
  • Will “sit silent” if the “unpleasant” Complaints are sent officially.
  • Delete-Disconnect-BLOCK-Hide to ?safety? if any “Unpleasant Questions are raised publicly” on professional platforms like LinkedIn.

Need to act globally.

Need to bring back the 4wiseMonkey Concept that includes the 1st Monkey, symbolizing:

Do No Evil.


Hi 3wiseMonkeys,

Don’t promote “Doing Evil” by closing your own Eyes, Ears & Mouths!!!

Why & How WIPO is coming on the way to Singapore?

1Easy way to lose Business Identity and IP is to start doing business by registering a company in Singapore being Indian or any other non-Singaporean citizen.

👉 Case Study 1: Doing Business in Singapore & Connected Singaporean Fraud Syndicate operating for decades!!

The “Connected Singaporean Fraud Syndicate” now operates faster with the services from CorpPassGovTech Singapore, Government of Singapore.

What are Judicial Remedy & Compensation?

Singapore & Silent Denial

What are the Remedy & Compensation for the Victims?

It’s practically impossible to get reasonable justice in any jurisdiction, including Singapore which meets the following five major criteria:

  1. Small “declared democratic” country ruled by one Party for decades — kinda dynastic family rule in a democracy since independence for many decades.
  2. Very few global mass media, elite universities or think tanks are interested in critically reviewing and writing the facts about the country’s Governance in Practice.
  3. Government and Government supported companies are “generous sponsors globally” to ensure good reputation management.
  4. Government Ministries and Government Regulators are always busy denying “any & all wrong doings” and silencing the critics to promote by propaganda 👉 “Good Governance and Zero Tolerance to Incompetence & Corruption”!!!
  5. All Governance & Judicial Institutions are intricately intertwined which are supposed to be distinctly independent to ensure unbiased justice.

That’s why the need for a global body like WIPO

Simple Question:

Is there available information [if any] online on WIPO/WTO websites about 👉 How to officially lodge complaints against a country to WIPO/WTO and in any other Global Forums?

And: It’s important for WIPO/WTO to have such resources available online; and it’s very important for entrepreneurs because:

These types of information are necessary to self-educate entrepreneurs and support entrepreneurs to protect their Business Entity and IP in a foreign country;
particularly any “hostile foreign country” when it comes to Corporate Governance in

Now, the question is:
Are there generic or specific information available on World Intellectual Property Organization — WIPO/World Trade Organization websites?

Next Question:
How soon such information will be available on WIPO/WTO websites, if not yet available?

The generic and specific information for the understanding of the WIPO/WTO system “unbiased way correctly” without referring to any private lawyers.

WIPO Fails to Support Entrepreneurs

WIPO Fails to Support Entrepreneurs!! Isn’t WIPO meant for Protecting Entrepreneurship and innovation?

Below is a brief communication with WIPO’s Deputy Director General:

3 wise Monkey
A brief communication with WIPO’s Deputy Director General

WIPO Director General Singaporean Daren Tang

  • One LinkedIn Post of WIPO Director General Singaporean Daren Tang re-shared with comment:
  • This LinkedIn Post is not visible; went missing!!! Expect LinkedIn will bring the “missing post”. Below is a Screenshot dated 2022–07–01.
3 wise Monkey
Screenshot 2022–07–01 at 16–58–49 (4) PAL Think Tank #plan_act_lead PAL

Case Study:

Just another Case Study of “3wiseMonkey Syndrome of Singapore” — busy managing Singaporean Good Governance {false}Reputation!!!

3wiseMonkey Syndrome of Singapore

  • Delete-Disconnect-BLOCK-Hide to ?safety? if any Unpleasant Questions are raised publicly on professional platforms like LinkedIn.
  • Won’t provide contacts to receive Complaints.
  • Will “sit silent” if the “unpleasant” Complaints are sent officially.


Is 3wiseMonkey Syndrome of Singapore Spreading in WIPO and worldwide?

Generic Introduction — the beginning

👉 1st Connection, Singaporean DarenTang, WIPO Director General: Screenshot 2022–06–21 at 21–04–58 LinkedIn

3 wise Money

Next, asked an Unpleasant Q:

“How to take Singapore to WIPO for deliberate IP Violation?”

👉 Daren Tang Disconnected : 2nd Connection, DarenTang: Screenshot 2022–07–01 at 14–52–25 LinkedIn

3 wise Money

Last: I pursued to get information on how to take Singaporean Government and Regulators for willful/unwitting wrongdoings that systematically cause loss of Business Identity and IP (owned by non-Singaporeans) in Singapore.

👉 Daren Tang & Associates from “WIPO Management Team” Blocked me on LinkedIn after 4.00pm on 2022–07–01 {Myanmar Time].

Doing Business in Singapore: a case-study

What non-Singaporeans need to know

1Easy way to lose Business Identity and IP is to start doing business by registering a company in Singapore being Indian or any other non-Singaporean citizen.

Singaporean Corporate Governance in Practice
👉 Case Study 1: Doing Business in Singapore

The Questions Remains, and the question is:

Will WIPO Top Leaders gradually understand how to support entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurs worldwide without being biased in favor of any Influential People or Sinking City State — Singapore?

Why WIPO Need To Support Entrepreneurs Worldwide?

World will continue progress towards prosperity only if Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Good Governance prevail to support Entrepreneurs and help entrepreneurs [who in most cases don’t have much resources except their good spirit and innovative ideas] to continue their work; help them protect their Business Identity & IP interests.

Will World Intellectual Property Organization — WIPO show it’s guts to stand up to bullies and through away “any and all” bullies from WIPO Management so that WIPO never acts to support any “Evil Syndicates” form any where, including from any Sinking City State?

The Titanic Sank & The Sinking City State

The event — The Titanic Sank — gave great impetus for innovation in multiple subjects. And since then, engineering, naval architecture and shipping industry continued to grow; scientists, engineers, shipbuilders, seafarers and people at large learnt a lot; they learnt many things including:

  • Learnt how to make better ships that are safer, and
  • Better techniques to navigate safely.

So, will be the progress of humankind from the learning of why gilded City State “Singapore” is unsustainable and its “Titanic Moment” has started — started sinking.

Party Continued Until …

Titanic Moment: how people reacted then?

Most said it’s nothing and continued to party!!

Only a few believed what’s going to happen but most “shrugged off” and continued to party, only to be unpleasantly surprised soon.

Were those “majority” able to save themselves post Titanic Sinking?

  • No.

Whoever is still sleepwalking in {least}Corrupt Singapore, will soon be unpleasantly surprised.

Do No Evil 👉 The 4wiseMonkey Concept

When people will just practice and promote 3wiseMonkey concept:

  1. Hear no evil
  2. Speak no evil
  3. See no evil

Then “Evil Doings” by the Corrupts in Power & in the Society will increase; that need to stop urgently. We must bring back, the 1st & Most Important Monkey that symbolizes: “Do No Evil”

3wiseMonkey Syndrome of Singapore — The BIG Q:

Is “3wiseMonkey Syndrome of Singapore” spreading in WIPO and worldwide?

Footnote — the byproducts

1. Connected Singaporean Fraud Syndicate

The Connected Singaporean Fraud Syndicate not only defraud Businesses, IP & Assets of Indians (& other non-Singaporean victims) but posses Global Security Risks, including but not limited to:

  • Trafficking
  • Money Laundering
  • Terrorist Financing

CONNECTED Singaporean Fraud Syndicates:

The “Connected Singaporean Fraud Syndicate” now operates faster with the services from CorpPass GovTech Singapore, Government of Singapore.

How can “Connected Singaporean Fraud Syndicates” often erase Trails of their Frauds & Transactions? — 1example:

#q1: some Special Singaporeans can open Singapore Bank Accounts using [non-Singaporean Owned, Operated] Companies’ Name;

#q2: continue employing people & doing “illegal” business, ReExport, Banking Transactions in spite of many complaints to Singaporean Regulators: ACRA, MOM, … Prime Minister’s Office Singapore, with proofs.

#q3: Frauds continue funny Business with ACRA [Singaporean Corporate Regulator] & Banks in Singapore?

Connected Singaporean Fraud Syndicates may even successfully strike-off “hijacked Non-Singaporean Owned Operated Companies” registered with ACRA Singapore without Knowledge [and/or] Consent of the Non-Singaporean Owners & Directors!!!

2. Silent Singapore — PMO Singapore

[More than a year ago] Last followup email complaints sent to “Singapore Prime Minister’s Office, other Singaporean Government Ministries and Regulators”, were also copied to official email ids of the foreign diplomats worldwide, including USA, India, EU…

3. The Simple Questions Remains

The question is:

Are there available information [if any] online on WIPO/WTO websites about:

👉 “How to officially lodge complaints against a country to WIPO/WTO and in any other Global Forums”?

The generic and specific information for the understanding of the WIPO/WTO system in detail “unbiased way correctly” without referring to any Private Lawyers.

Dr. Madhab Paul
Speaking at C5 Energy Insurance Middle East: Founder, Director & MD of MiTA, Dr. Madhab Paul, PhD

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What’s Next? What Else? — You May Stay Tuned. You will surely find something unknown that’s interesting and useful for you or somebody you know.



Dr. Madhab Paul, PhD

Dr. Madhab Paul, PhD

Dr. Madhab is an engineer and businessman; founder & MD of MiTA. He is an expert on Myanmar and India market; and writes about business and life: