More than 400 prisoners have been hanged in Singapore since 1991 … Then “Organ Harvesting” is legally allowed.

Bad News, But Still Making Money: how?

Millions Migrant Workers Returned Home

How can you help millions of people and make money for your country from this news?

Dr. Madhab Paul
Welcome Address by: Founder, Director & MD of MiTA, Dr. Madhab Paul, PhD

Sure, countries like India and Myanmar can bring back home money that may appear to be invisible.

Migrant Workers Returned Home
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How much USD?


Myanmar can bring home anything from US$ 3,000 to as high as US$ 3 Million++


  • Indian Government can help bring back to India, Total Amount, varying: ($1,000 -to- $10,000) x (1000 -to- 100,000), i.e., US$ 1 Million to 1 Billion US$
  • The Indian Government can also win good wishes and prayers of (1000 -to- 100,000) people in India.

How that’s Possible?

Easy. With the click of the mouse, via internet banking.

Just need to send Government Directives to all the foreign banks in the country for mandatory assistance in closing bank accounts [bank account owned by people or company bank accounts operated by the people who are currently resident in the country and wish to close the bank accounts held in foreign countries] held in other countries with those foreign banks.

There are many people who worked in foreign countries and returned to their home country or country of residence without closing their bank accounts in the foreign country where they had worked or did business. Among those people there will be a significant percentage (%) of people who may not be able to go to those foreign countries in the near future or ever after. And would love to close the bank account(s) in the foreign countries while being at home if possible without much hassle and financial loss.

Migrant Workers, Professionals & Small Business Owners

The Governments of India, Myanmar, Bangladesh, etc [from where a large number of people go to foreign countries to work and do business] can easily facilitate such closure of bank accounts in the present age of digital banking.

Such banking — closure of bank account & withdrawal of money in foreign currency — can easily be done with a nominal banking fee to be paid to the foreign banks; and no tax on the money received below a certain amount of USD.

This can make many people happy and the Government can get back possibly significant amount of foreign currency.

The Total Amount should not matter because the effort required is just a little.

Bad News & Horrible News from Singapore

2022: Singapore hanged 5 & 60 inmates awaiting.

Jul 22, 2022: Singapore carries out fifth execution since March — Al Jazeera

Singaporean Model of Democracy
Singapore hanged 5 & 60 inmates awaiting — Google Search — Screenshot 2022–08–06 at 13–04–32 Myanmar Time

Al Jazeera — Jul 22, 2022: “The latest in a ‘relentless wave’ of executions. Nazeri bin Lajim, who was convicted of drug trafficking five years ago, has been hanged in Singapore’s Changi Prison.”

But Singapore welcomes corrupt billionaires and money of all colors.

Big Q: Can India Profit and Make Myanmar & Thailand Richer too?

Yes, can. Because:

  • There is “No Continued Global Condemnation of Singapore” in spite of all these disgusting acts by the Singaporean Government, particularly when it’s a well known fact that: “Singapore Government welcomes corrupt billionaires, money of all color, including money made from drugs”.
  • And no continued bashing by the global mass media.

Why is Singapore slippery? How to utilize the info profitably?

It’s all about Singapore’s “Money & Power” gained via Singaporean sponsorships.

ASEAN Regional HQ in Singapore

Singaporean “Money & Power” is achieved by the Singaporean Government mainly through the presence of all the ASEAN Regional HQ of the global companies and organizations; as well as, hosting global events like World Economic Forums, Award Ceremonies, President Trump, and the Gates, Bloomberg & Associates!!

Singaporean Re-exports: Money & fdi, Services, Goods and “special” goods & services

Note: Singapore’s “Re-exports account for 47% of the country’s exports. … Singapore’s considerable wealth has been built on its status as a stable, open, technologically advanced economy with low taxes. Inheritance, dividends, investment income and capital gains are all untaxed.”

Indian Policy Decisions Can Make More Money

Indian Policy Decisions can make more money for India & India’s friendly neighbors including Myanmar, Thailand and Indonesia.

BIMSTEC Economic Region

India can initiate policy decisions henceforth not to support Singapore’s economy thrive via “default” Singaporean ASEAN Regional HQ program and consequently Singapore’s ability to re-export for earning 100s of Billion USD in Singaporean GDP which are mostly drained out of the economies of India, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Cambodia and Myanmar.

  • As the new Geo-political developments continue, ASEAN’s future meaningful existence is questionable.
  • Along with India, Myanmar, Thailand and Malaysia can again benefit the most from the downfall of the Singaporean re-export economy.
  • Dawei-Andaman Ports & Logistics Hub development projects should be accelerated for mutual security and economic development.

Now is a fun time. Join us.

Leon King Show Continues

Lee the Leon King of Singapura: Next show at ‘Nations Plaza’ NYC

By: InSecurity Council Workday Entertainment

Lunch Won’t Be Free!!

Doing Business in Singapore
New Delhi summoned Singaporean envoy Simon Wong:

Many may think that this was Disgracefully Bad News for LEE the Leon King; but not really!!! Because, why?

The apparently disgraceful bad news was not covered by most of the International Mass Media.

But whenever, Lee the Leon King “deliberately defamed” India and other countries that was covered by almost all global mass media, most of whom received advertorial revenue from Singapore Gov & Companies having ASEAN Regional HQ registered in Singapore.

You can analyze to see that the purpose to make more money was always successful for the Lee Family & Associates, by:

Singaporean Reputation Management for Business Development 101: defame the competitor{s}

Dear New India,

Should “Lee the Leon King” shows continue at the expense of the Indian & Regional Economies?

Singaporean Model of Democracy

Singaporean Model of Democracy: global awareness program urgently needed

Singapore Shining in Killing and Oppressing!!!

“Singapore carries out fifth execution since March 2022 as reported on Jul 22, 2022. Singapore hanged 5 & 60 inmates awaiting. More than 400 prisoners have been hanged in Singapore since 1991, giving the small city- state possibly the highest execution rate in the world…”

Harvesting Organs: And Singapore Government Laws allow harvesting organs from those hanged to death!!!

Singaporean Model of Democracy

Some of the key features of the Singaporean Model of Democracy:

  • Mainly one party; opposition bashing and fixing are freely allowed legally to ensure business friendly political stability and continuity.
  • All MPs & Ministers need to serve in the defense force.
  • News Reporters & Journalists must be re-educated as and when required.
  • NO Smiling. No Protest: 1manSmileyProtest is also punishable under the democratic laws.
  • Cronyism & Corruption: Least Corrupt & Most Transparent Advertorials should continue even if Singaporean’s may not know the details of their 3+ Trillion $ National Reserve, as well as, the salaries of some highly connected officials. Let’s be transparent that these are simply Singaporean “State Secret” for National Security Reasons.
  • Frauds & Malpractices: Only “Connected Singaporean Fraud Syndicate” can operate freely; so people can feel generally safer.
  • There are few more points, but The List is short and comprehensive

Point to be noted:

Western Democracies supported the “Singaporean Model of Democracy” for decades, and they continue to profit from that Democracy-cum-Business Model of Singaporean Government.

Help Singapore getting more famous

  • Is it a good idea to promote the concept of “Singaporean Model of Democracy” for emerging democratic countries like Myanmar?


Singapore risks getting Real Famous as soon as Myanmar pulls out of the imaginary ASEAN; because then “ASEAN Club” as well as “ASEAN Regional HQ [of Global Businesses] in Singapore” will gradually become extinct.


Bad News, But Still Making Money!!

Millions Migrant Workers Returned

How can you help millions of people and make money for your country from this news?

  • Advantage Digital Banking.

Singaporean Propaganda

Singaporean Advertorials Undermining Indian Prime Minister Modi’s Economic Mission:

How can Singapore shine after many bad acts?

ASEAN Regional HQ in Singapore: It’s all about Money and Power gained by the Singaporean Government mainly through the presence of all the ASEAN Regional HQ of the global companies and organizations; as well as, hosting high level global events and award ceremonies.

  • Will the Indian Government initiate Policy Change for the benefit of Indian PM Modi’s 5 Trillion Economic Mission and equitable regional economic development?

Singaporean Model of Democracy:

Do you want to support promoting the “Singaporean Model of Democracy” globally?

Bad News, But Still Making Money!!

Oh, Yes.

I met a famous and well-respected professor while studying in the Philippines. Before he started teaching, the professor had worked in the Finance Ministry of Philippines’ President Marcos Sr; but remained unblemished.

How can you make money for your country?

This was a “frequently asked question” after the Professor taught any theory or explained any Business Case Study.

Thank you for your continued interests in the contrarian ideas based on facts that can make positive impacts towards peace-prosperity of our communities.

Greetings from Golden Myanmar and Great Majestic India!!

Dr. Madhab Paul, PhD | fdi, business management, jv, m&a — Economic Diplomacy

Founder, Director & MD of MiTA since 2009.

Now, Important is Myanmar. Let’s not forget that:

Over 54 million Myanmar people will continue to need quality goods and services, including: medicines, food, energy, infrastructures and insurance. These demands will continue to increase. Explore more. Find your own opportunities.

Doing Business in Myanmar
Myanmar is open for good business!! New business, management, jv, fdi, m&a.

Golden Myanmar. Golden not gilded. Neither gilded nor tiny monotonous. Myanmar has snow-capped mountains, pristine sea beaches and unparalleled historic beautiful places to visit, unlearn and relearn new things. New Perspectives! … Explore more. Contact now.

A short note on entrepreneurship in Singapore:

All about Doing Business in Singapore, Singaporean Governance and Singaporean Corporate Governance in Practice.

Notes on the Connected Singaporean Fraud Syndicate

Connected Singaporean Fraud Syndicate now operates faster with services from CorpPassGovTech Singapore, the Government of Singapore.

How can “Connected Singaporean Fraud Syndicates” often erase Trails of their Frauds & Transactions? — 1example:

  • #q1: some Special Singaporeans can open Singapore Bank Accounts using [non-Singaporean Owned, Operated] Companies’ Name;
  • #q2: continue employing people & doing “illegal” business, ReExport, Banking Transactions in spite of many complaints to Singaporean Regulators: ACRA, MOM, … Prime Minister’s Office Singapore, with proofs
  • #q3: Frauds continue funny Business with ACRA [Singaporean Corporate Regulator] & Banks in Singapore?
  • Connected Singaporean Fraud Syndicates may even successfully strike-off “hijacked Non-Singaporean Owned Operated Companies” registered with ACRA Singapore without Knowledge [and/or] Consent of the Non-Singaporean Owners & Directors!!!

Silent Singapore — PMO Singapore:

[More than 1 year ago] Last followup Email Complaints sent to “Singapore Prime Minister’s Office and other Singaporean Government Ministries & Regulators” were also copied to official email ids of the foreign diplomats worldwide, including USA, India, EU…


During 2009 — early 2017, I promoted Singapore; I was a frequent speaker to promote “Doing Business in Singapore” at events organized by many organizations, including, Enterprise Singapore [ Growing Enterprises]



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Dr. Madhab Paul, PhD

Dr. Madhab Paul, PhD

Dr. Madhab is an engineer and businessman; founder & MD of MiTA. He is an expert on Myanmar and India market; and writes about business and life: