Doing Business in Singapore: How Singaporean Propaganda undermining Regional Economies?

Doing Business in Singapore: Singaporean advertorials undermining Indian Economy

Doing Business in Singapore

Intro: — Reputation Management & Business Development

Reputation Management for Business Development 101: defame the competitor{s}

Feb 17, 2022 : New Delhi summoned Singaporean Envoy to express displeasure.

But was there any follow-up action against Singapore? — Oh, yes, India gave $$$opportunities to Singapore to further rip-off India and 1.4 Billion Indians. And opportunities for Singaporean Leaders & Ministers to continue defaming India to undermine PM Modi’s 5 Trillion $ Economic Vision.

Strange But True:

Singaporean PM talked ill about many countries, including: Myanmar, Myanmar People & Myanmar Leaders; India, Indians & Indian MPs.

Singaporean Leaders continue to defame many countries globally to do “business development for Singapore”. This Singaporean Tradition need to be terminated by force:

Mosquitobrain: “Fresh Chicken” Soup that followed Singapore’s 1MDB Diplomacy.

Indonesia should not help Singaporean Leaders by supplying Fresh Chicken unless some Singaporean Leaders accept wrong doings and change behaviors; otherwise, it can be Indonesia or other country’s turn to lose Billions of $$$ just like Malaysian people lost in 1MDB, etc.

Doing Business in Singapore

{Least}CORRUPT Singapore => Singapore Welcomes Corrupt Billionaires!!

Doing Business in Singapore

The 5 Pillars of Reputation Management with the aim to develop business as well as facilitate profiteering.

  1. Create an Ecosystem of Contractors — small and BIG — with carrots & sticks.
  2. Cultivate independent multiple networks of Experts & Content Creators: — Think Tanks, Elite Universities, Independent Intellectuals, etc.
  3. Sponsor Global Mass Media, Journalists, Academics, Foreign Government Officials, Social Workers, Politicians, Opinion Writers, aka., thought leaders with Carrots & Sticks++
  4. Help Top Bankers, Big4Consultants, Law Firms, Legal Luminaries and all sundry experts grow their businesses if and only if they actively in-turn help spreading propaganda.
  5. Tools, Tricks & Tech for Reputation Management & Business Development
  • In the recent years — in the digital age — these have been increasingly “easy to use” and easy to track.
  • And unfortunately in the digital age there has been increasing RISK of getting tracked by any Tom, Dick & Harry.

Singaporean Advertorials Undermining Indian Economy

Singaporean Professional Propaganda — first one from ANI, target audience business owners and companies from India and BIMSTEC+ Economic Region.

Can any consulting firm make a generic conclusion for “an extremely large and diverse country like India” based on a survey conducted using select 41 businesses?

No. Professionally ethically can’t.

1Example is to publish propaganda for Regional HQ [of non-Singaporean Companies] in Singapore. Below is a screenshot from one such disgraceful Singaporean propaganda targeted towards Indian companies and companies from the BIMSTEC+ Economic Region.

Doing Business in Singapore — Classic Example of Singaporean Propaganda

Doing Business in Singapore — Singaporean Advertorials — Singaporean Propaganda — 1 example.
Doing Business in Singapore: Screenshot 2022–03–29 :

Do you see harmful impacts of Singaporean Propaganda on your country’s capital flight, businesses, peace and prosperity?

Indian PM Modi’s Economic Goal: How to derail — defame?

— Singaporean Way.

There are many examples to research from public domains and analyze them technically to understand the “Singaporean Soft Aggression” to derail — defame.

MERCENARIES Worldwide working for Singapore — The “Singaporean Soft Aggression” is almost always designed and implemented by mercenaries worldwide.

Reported by ANI —

  • Disgraceful Propaganda citing “Unethical Unprofessional” Survey Report, allegedly conducted by PwC?!
  • Reported by ANI: The Disgraceful Propaganda was commissioned by Standard Chartered Bank?!

1Example: — Singaporean Propaganda

Doing Business in Singapore
Singaporean Advertorials — Singaporean Propaganda — 1 example: Singapore Gov Inc is at work.


The 3-Big-Countries in the “imaginary ASEAN region” are India’s neighbors.

  1. Promoting Regional HQ in Singapore — i.e., ASEAN Regional HQ — in India adversely affecting the Indian Economy.
  2. Generalization based on extrapolation of [most likely] unrepresentative data and insignificantly small quantity of data is not only wrong but ethically unprofessional.
  3. Profiteering: Disgraceful Propaganda to Promote “Regional HQ in Singapore” — imaginary ASEAN Regional HQ of foreign companies in Singapore.

Why is “Regional HQ of companies in Singapore” so important for Singapore’s Economy?

Because Singapore survives on Re-export.

And because, Singapore thrives on re-export of everything, by any means:

  • fdi — money of all colour,
  • goods — including special goods,
  • services — including customized services,
  • people[manpower], etc.

Re-export and sell-on-high-seas are tricks of the trade that often affects both original sellers and ultimate buyers — including Tax Revenues of many Countries’ Governments who signed preferential trade-investment treaties with Singapore.

Redundant — Unnecessary for Diplomacy, Business, or Innovation

In this Digital Age with alternate direct financial connectivity and New World Order, any and all the needs of any middlemen country like Singapore has expired.

Appendix — Almost Unnecessary: Most of us know about Appendix in human body; appendix is almost unnecessary in human body but can cause death when appendix becomes sore — swollen.

Singapore, (March 28), ANI Reported: “84 pc of Indian firms plan ASEAN HQ in Singapore: SC survey” — By: Lee Kah Wyne

This observation w.r.t. to the above Propaganda to Promote Regional HQ in Singapore was originally posted on LinkedIn Page over two months ago; Dr. Madhab Paul =>

The above is not a standalone example. There are many.

2021–02–21 Bloomberg: Modi’s Plan to Make a Singapore in Gujarat Has Fallen Flat

  • The Bloomberg Article did not talk about any “Secrets of Singapore”!!!
  • But why? What are some of the Singaporean Secrets? How does Singapore survive — thrive?
Modi’s Plan to Make a Singapore in Gujarat Has Fallen Flat — Bloomberg
Modi’s Plan to Make a Singapore in Gujarat Has Fallen Flat: Screenshot 2022–06–09 — Post Feed LinkedIn

A brief comment on “Bloomberg Opinion about Gujarat, India”, [originally published in March 2021, as LinkedIn Post, by Dr. Madhab Paul]

What are Singaporean Secrets?

A Brief Introduction: Doing Business in Singapore & Singaporean Corporate Governance in Practice [Links open on LinkedIn]

CONNECTED Singaporean Fraud Syndicates

And GovTech Singapore, ACRA, Ministry of Manpower, MAS Singapore, etc.

Connected Singaporean Fraud Syndicate now operates faster with services from CorpPass GovTech Singapore.

How can “Connected Singaporean Fraud Syndicates” often erase Trails of their Frauds & Transactions? — 1example:

  • #q1: some Special Singaporeans can open Singapore Bank Accounts using [non-Singaporean Owned, Operated] Companies’ Name;
  • #q2: continue employing people & doing “illegal” business, ReExport, Banking Transactions in spite of many complaints to Singaporean Regulators: ACRA, MOM, … Prime Minister’s Office Singapore, with proofs
  • #q3: Frauds continue funny Business with ACRA [Singaporean Corporate Regulator] & Banks in Singapore?
  • Connected Singaporean Fraud Syndicates may even successfully strike-off “hijacked Non-Singaporean Owned Operated Companies” registered with ACRA Singapore without Knowledge [and/or] Consent of the Non-Singaporean Owners & Directors!!!


[More than 1 year ago] Last followup Email Complaints sent to Singapore Prime Minister’s Office were also copied to official email ids of the foreign diplomats worldwide, including USA, India, EU…


Enterprise Singapore Chairman Peter Ong:

Entrepreneurship — Enterprise Singapore — Chairman Peter Ong
EntrepreneurshipEnterprise Singapore Chairman Peter Ong
Entrepreneurship — Doing Business in Singapore
Entrepreneurship — Enterprise Singapore — Chairman Peter Ong: Screenshot 2022–05–30 — LinkedIn Profile View following the above LinkedIn Post

EntrepreneurshipGovTech Singapore: CEO Ping Soon Kok

Entrepreneurship — GovTech
Entrepreneurship — GovTech — GovTechSingapore — CEO Ping Soon Kok:

GovTech — GovTechSingapore — another reference:

GovTech — GovTech Singapore
GovTech — GovTech Singapore — Screenshot 2022–05–31: LinkedIn Profile View

3WiseMonkeys: Not “Four Wise Monkeys” that includes Shizaru, symbolizing : “Do NO Evil”

Some Singaporean Leaders will “sit silent” if the “unpleasant” Complaints sent officially; and will quickly Delete-BLOCK-Hide to safety if the “unpleasant” Qs raised publicly on professional platforms like LinkedIn.

Screenshot 2022–05–25 at 09–41–47 Feed LinkedIn is 1-example of how Singaporean Leaders can respond to such serious issues.

Minister Zaqy Mohamad & Mr. Philip Jeyaretnam SC

Business Strategy — Doing Business in Singapore

Business Strategy — Singaporean Minister Zaqy Mohamad & Mr. Philip Jeyaretnam
Business Strategy — Minister Zaqy Mohamad & Mr. Philip Jeyaretnam: Screenshot taken on 2022–05–25 — LinkedIn — Direct Msg.

Minister Zaqy Mohamad & Mr. Philip Jeyaretnam SC are mentioned here because of the High Positions they hold in the Singapore Government & Legal System; many Big Others to mention too.

If you don’t know the ‘famous’ or the Well-known, can Google their name!!!

Minister Zaqy Mohamad, Mr. Philip Jeyaretnam SC, & many BigOthers did not like discussions or msg on Connected Singaporean Frauds to resolve the issues. — But why?

Business Strategy

Indian MPs (Members of Parliament) vs. Singaporean MPs

Need to “compare & analyze from all aspects” for better understanding of [least]Corrupt Singapore.

The Topic Needs Light.

Do Singapore Gov&Co Need Professional Propaganda?

Yes. 100%sure.

Sinking Singapore’s Government & Companies do need Professional Propaganda services, and need more now because Singapore’s “Titanic Moment” started : Singapore Started Sinking.

  • Unbelievably True.
  • That’s why Singapore Government & Associateswith the help of whoever are deeply invested in Singapore — are making all the desperate attempts to remain afloat.

Fresh Chicken Soup & 1MDB Diplomacy!!!

The non-fiction story on Fresh Chicken Soup & 1MDB Diplomacy was written and posted on LinkedIn after Malaysia Banned Export of Fresh Chicken following Singaporean Foreign Minister’s “special meeting” for imagined more$$biz, as well as, “wish” to keep back some Worms in the Can!!!

Business Strategy: Love, Hate & Singaporean PM Lee

Singaporean PM Lee often LOVEs to compare Indian Parliament & Indian MPs with those of Singapore;

but he HATEs people know why Singaporean [ruling party PAP] MPs & Ministers [generally] don’t have Criminal/Civil Law cases against them or they get convicted.

The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho

=> The Alchemist, Business Strategy

=> You are living in the paradise of information, knowledge and wisdom; if you have Qs, sure Answers will come walking to you.


Yes, 100% sure, the frauds attracts spotlight, if any “Group of Experts” voluntarily start tracking — being victims — of Connected Singaporean Fraud Syndicates cultivated over decades for doing business development on behalf of the Singaporean Government Machinery.

  • Do you see any harmful impact of Singaporean Propaganda on your country’s capital flight, business, peace & prosperity?
  • Sinking Singapore & Associates at work. By false propaganda — DITCHES are being designed to derail Indian PM’s Economic Goals.


  • It’s all about Doing Business in Singapore, Singaporean Governance and Singaporean Corporate Governance in Practice.
  • During 2009 — early 2017, I promoted Singapore; I was a frequent speaker to promote “Doing Business in Singapore” at events organized by many organizations, including, Enterprise Singapore [ Growing Enterprises]

What’s Next? What Else? — You May Stay Tuned. You will surely find something unknown that’s interesting and useful for you or somebody you know.

This time, I am skipping my self-introduction. You may easily refer to online or Google my name!!

Dr. Madhab Paul, PhD | fdi, business management, jv, m&a — Economic Diplomacy

Founder, Director & MD of MiTA since 2009.

Business Strategy. Entrepreneurship. Advertising & Marketing

Golden Myanmar. Golden not gilded. Neither gilded nor tiny monotonous. Myanmar has snow-capped mountains, pristine sea beaches and unparalleled historic beautiful places to visit, unlearn and relearn new things. New Perspectives!

Dr. Madhab Paul: Golden Myanmar
Dr. Madhab Paul: Golden Myanmar is open for good business!! New business, management, jv, fdi, m&a



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