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LinkedIn , Founder, Director & MD of MiTA. Innovation is the center pillar of MiTA - Management, Innovation and Technology Applications. .

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Education. Education is the Key for progress and development; how can we promote and support better education - specially the primary education and high school education for all?

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, by Dr. Madhab Paul, PhD

The newsletters will cover topics related to Business & Economic Diplomacy in addition to Geo-strategy and Due Diligence, and the topics will include: (i) Branding for selling worldwide: maximizing capacity & profits, (ii) International PR Strategies for creating IP & Trade Marks’ footprints globally, (iii) The Virtual State and Political Enterprise: how future democracies may work, (iv) BIMSTEC Economic Region: why & how New India needs to lead for better shared prosperity with India’s friendly neighbors, and (v) Optimizing National Economy based on two main concepts: the Small is Beautiful, and the Butterfly Effect.


Dr. Madhab Paul, PhD

Dr. Madhab Paul, PhD

Dr. Madhab is an engineer and businessman; founder & MD of MiTA. He is an expert on Myanmar and India market; and writes about business and life: